Propella is a company founded with the goal of making a positive impact on people’s lives, especially student athletes.

We are a company that offers services in the sports, education and tourism industries, based in San Jose, Costa Rica. With clients in more than 15 different countries around the world, Propella has become a company whose primary objective is to guide, advise and help students achieve their personal goals, through former student athletes.

We use our experiences for the integral development of the student.

Marcelo Acuña


Student athlete who graduated from Virginia Tech in 2018. Economics major.

Gerald Vargas


Student athlete who graduated from Florida International in 2018. Sports management major.

Alberto Borbón

Propella Events

Sean Simmons

North America Consultant

Carlos Arce

Administrative Assistant

Mario Herrera

Mexico Consultant

Gabriela Guillén

Costa Rica Consultant

David Dobles

Marketing and Sales

Mónica Solano

Digital Marketing

Nicky Esquivel

Video Analysis and Production

Rhisto López


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