An academic advisor is a type of counsellor who works with students, usually at the university level. They are responsible for helping students choose a major and minor and making sure they meet all the requirements to graduate with a degree in that field. Universities often hire professors to handle these tasks and require professors to continue to teach classes while meeting with students during office hours each semester.

How does it work with student athletes?

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) requires athletic departments to provide athletes with an advisor focused on their academic success. There are a variety of job titles for the profession, including athletic academic specialist and coordinator of athletic academic services. The position usually reports to the athletic director of the institution.

The role of the academic advisor is essential to maintaining the NCAA Academic Progress Rate for teams. Schools that do not meet the standards may lose scholarships, face reduced practice time, lose their postseason championship eligibility or, in extreme cases, face affiliation restrictions and lose their Division 1 status.

The athletic academic advisor works closely with student-athletes, faculty and coaching staff. They help register and schedule courses and monitor class attendance. They also coordinate tutoring and mentoring sessions for student-athletes who need additional support.

The athletic academic advisor oversees a player’s eligibility during college, as well as helping them prepare for a career after graduation. They must be up to date on regional conference requirements as well as NCAA academic eligibility requirements. They should enjoy working with people and excel in active listening, decision making and problem solving. If a student-athlete is struggling, the athletic academic advisor may seek out resources to ensure he or she is prepared for college or investigate more effective learning strategies,

Sports academic advising is a multi-faceted career that can help schools understand NCAA eligibility rules and help student-athletes reduce stress, stay motivated and prepare for life after college.

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