It’s good to understand the privileges student athletes have. 

  1. Academic and Support Services

Adapting to an American university is not easy for anyone. The infrastructure, the professors, the conditions of the dormitories, cultural differences and a great amount of academic duties can extend the period of adaptation of the students. Student athletes have the benefit of having a large number of professionals working in the athletic departments to avoid an extended adaptation period. In addition to having academic advisors who specialize in student-athletes, many athletic departments provide tutoring to student-athletes so that they do not have problems with their academic performance. 

2. Early registration for classes 

At American institutions, each student has a set date to register for classes. The enrollment dates students receive are based on enrollment priority, which is related to the student’s GPA . At most institutions, student athletes have priority and enrollment dates become “better” than those of regular students with better college averages. Although it sounds unfair, student-athletes enjoy this benefit because of the many hours spent playing the sport and the tight schedules that come with it. 

3. Athletic Scholarships

One of the most considerable advantages granted to student-athletes are scholarships. College athletes have the opportunity to lessen the financial burden on their families by receiving an athletic scholarship. According to NCAA statistics, more than 150,000 student-athletes receive billions in athletic scholarships annually, which helps them pay for tuition and cover the costs of housing, medical care and transportation.

4. Infrastructure and professionals in charge

American institutions offer their student athletes regular access to fully equipped training facilities. In addition, most universities hire highly qualified and experienced coaches who can develop an individual approach to each athlete and address their specific needs. Some universities also offer access to physical therapy and massage.

5. Life experiences 

Although many student-athletes complain about their inability to participate in parties, hang out with friends, and maintain relationships, they tend to live a more satisfying and meaningful life compared to other students. College-bound athletes participate in competitions where they can demonstrate their skills and are motivated to pursue new goals. Competing in college sports is an excellent opportunity to develop not only physical skills, but also leadership, teamwork, time management, communication and problem solving skills. In addition, daily training sessions make it easy to bond with other athletes and make lifelong friends.

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