What is it about?

If you have considered being a student athlete at an American institution or would like a family member to achieve this objective, the best thing you can do is to get the knowledge about how to do it and what it takes to do it.

What do we cover in the meetings?

• A personalized analysis of the interested person
• Types of economic help or aid that the American institutions offer to international students.
• Requirements to be able to obtain scholarships from American institutions.

• How college sports work in the United States.
• Points of view and experiences from our advisers, which were student-athletes.



  • Propella helps student’s athletes from all over the world to continue their education in American institutions with the help of sports, academic, or international scholarships. Getting and managing options that fit more to the students’ athlete profile.
  • We help as an engine for the students’ athletes to encourage them to accomplish their goals. We use our experience, contacts, and credibility to find one institution that is adequate to the student-athlete academics, sports, and budget.
  • What distinguishes us as a company is the work we do with the client throughout the process of obtaining scholarships, where we give all the tools that are required so the student can reach their full potential.

Testimony of a NCAA Division I student athlete that received our service of information meetings