Oscar Carballo is a young student born in San José, Costa Rica. In 2019 he used our services to obtain an athletic scholarship at John Brown University, an American institution of higher education located in Arkansas. Oscar has become a pillar within the soccer sports program of the institution and at the same time he is pursuing his degree in Construction Engineering.

Oscar took time out of his busy schedule to realize the following interview:

A. Hi Oscar, John Brown, your university, is located in Arkansas. How is the place, the campus, where do you have to fly to get to the university?

The place is a small town, but it is very nice and has what you need. The campus facilities are very modern, they were recently remodeled and are in very good condition. To get to the university from Costa Rica I have to fly to XNA in Fayetteville or Tulsa airport in Oklahoma.

B. From your point of view, what is the biggest benefit of being a student athlete at John Brown University?

The people’s esteem at the university is the most beneficial, because of the constant support to be able to meet the athletic and academic goals.

C. Was the adjustment difficult?

The classes in general, my first semester was difficult. I had a hard time adapting to that also because of the language, but after the first semester everything got better.

D. Do you have to travel a lot to compete?

Yes, you have to travel a good amount of times per season. The program competes in the Sooner Athletic Conference and there are universities from Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas.

E. What are you studying and what are the classes like?

I am studying construction management, which is giving me the skills to take on all the responsibilities of a construction project such as budget management and collaboration with other areas such as civil engineers and architects. The classes vary, but they are very beneficial because they help prepare me to get a job or internship.

F. What have you enjoyed most about being a student athlete at John Brown?

Definitely being able to take studying and soccer hand in hand. Being able to train at a high competitive level and having the schedule accommodate my classes, that’s not easy to accomplish.

G. What are your post-graduation plans or goals?

I am not sure yet, maybe I will stay working because there are many job options with my career but I also want to continue playing. It is a decision that I will make when it is my turn to make it. The important thing is that I am at a point in my life where I will have both possibilities.

H. Do you feel you made a good decision by going to study in the United States?

Yes, I am sure it was the best decision of my life to come here. I didn’t see it possible to study when I was in Costa Rica because of my goals as an athlete. Here I can focus on playing and pursuing my career at the same time.

I. What don’t you like about the experience of being a student athlete or what is missing?

I think I have liked everything, the only thing is that it is quite tiring because of the amount of hours per week and at the same time having to perform with good grades, it is a big commitment.

J. How often do you come back to CR?

At least once a year.

Oscar is currently the captain of John Brown University and has been a key part of the program since he arrived, so much so that he has earned the following awards as an athlete:

2020 All-Conference
2019 NAIA All-America (HM)
2019 SAC Freshman of the Year
2019 All-Conference

The student athlete is a very clear case of success in relation to our services and motivates us to continue supporting more young people to achieve their life goals.

Thank you Oscar!

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