Our client Julian Calvo received a scholarship from Iowa Lakes Community College. Julian will leave next August for this institution where he will enjoy a full scholarship. 

What is a community college and what is the difference with a university?

Community colleges are institutions in the United States that offer a popular alternative for the first two years of college. 

The idea is that students begin their studies at these institutions and, after two years, use the credits (classes) earned to enter a traditional university or college.

In these first two years, students are provided with a solid foundation of general knowledge before specializing in a specific area.

U.S. and international students say that attending smaller institutions during the first two years helps them make the transition to larger universities easier.

In the United States, students tend to be very competitive, so international students may be at a disadvantage if they enter an institution directly with many students. Remember to adapt to your environment, career, and language.

Community Colleges often offer tutorials to help students orient themselves and, after two years, improve their English and their way of life in a new country. 

Julián has a great opportunity and we are sure he will make the most of it. Good luck and we wish him every success! 

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