After helping 15 student-athletes in 2019 to obtain scholarships from American institutions, we are pleased to announce our class of this 2020.

The following student-athletes started their college careers with their respective institutions in 2020 through our services : 

Alejandro Ramirez – Costa Rica – Cal Poly University

Esteban Leiva – Costa Rica – Coastal Carolina University

Diego Acuña – Costa Rica – Erskine College

Dereck Valentine – Costa Rica – University of San Francisco

Norberto Montero – Costa Rica – Jacksonville College

Marcelo Gonzalez – Mexico – Florida Gulf Coast University 

Jaiden Jacob – Canada – Bryant University

Max Sellito – Canada – Milwaukee University

David Cubillos – Canada – St Bonaventure University

Maina Ngobia – Canada – University of Chicago

Malik Henry – Canada – University of North Carolina

Deandre Kerr – Canada – Syracuse University

Matt Radivojsa – Canada – Notre Dame University

Sunny Dhaliwal – Canada – George Mason

We are very proud to have been able to provide our expertise and services to help these students achieve their dreams! We are sure that they will leave our company’s name very high.

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