Video recording and editing

for athletes

Service #1

Video recording

We have specialized cameras for recording games, training or any kind of sports activity that our clients want to record.

Service #2

Edición y creación de videos de jugadas destacadas

Contamos con equipo de especialistas que te ayudaran a obtener el mejor video de jugadas destacadas para tu reclutamiento y exposición.

Basic edition - Choose what you want to include

This option is for athletes who already have the complete matches and also have the times for the highlight video.

The athlete must send Propella the complete games and a document with the indications of what he/she wants to appear in the video.


$10/per min

of final video.

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Premium edition - Propella will take care of everything

This option is for athletes who already have their recordings and want Propella’s team to take full responsibility for the production of the highlight video.

The student athlete will send our editing team the completed games, and Propella will analyze the footage and create a highlight video for the athlete.

  • Analysis and editing of 1 game: $25
  • Analysis and editing of 2 games: $45
  • Analysis and editing of 3 matches: $65
  • Analysis and editing of 4 matches: $85
  • Analysis and editing of 5 matches: $100

You can send us the material through these platforms.

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