Tailored advice

We will help you find college options that fit your profile, preferences and needs. There are more than 3000 universities that grant sports scholarships in the United States, in their different divisions and conferences.

What level of sports do I need?

To opt for an athletic scholarship in the United States, the higher the level, the greater and better the options you will have.

What academic level do I need?

Same as sports, the better your academic level, the more and better options you will find. The standardized tests (SAT y TOEFL) are fundamental to attract the interest of universities and high percentages of scholarship.

Let's get to your goal together

Propella is going to help you with:

Procedures and admission requirements
Application and search for sports scholarships
Transcripts Translation Services
Preparation courses for standardized tests (SAT and TOEFL)
Advice on the student visa process
Monthly Development Conferences
Advice on application processes for universities
Access to our sports events
Here are some of the benefits.

Why study in the United States?


Study + Sports

You will not have to choose between sports and studying, because you have the opportunity to do both.

Universities of worldwide prestige

You will be able to have an academic degree that will facilitate your access to the labor market.

Unique experience

Living in the most open and developed country on the planet will give you a new perspective on reality.

Financial aid

The probability of obtaining athletic, academic and international scholarships is very high.

Improve your English

Whether you don't speak English, or speak it quite a bit, living in the USA will help you develop your second language.

Get to know other cultures

You will not be the only foreigner, but you will be able to share and interact with people from multiple countries.
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Propella Transfer Service

Propella, thanks to its credibility and contacts, offers a transfer service for student athletes who need help in transferring universities.

Several of our collaborators had the experience of transferring from one university to another while studying and practicing their sport, we understand perfectly the uncertainty that exists at the moment before the transfer takes place.

We offer advice and our scholarship search and management service at American institutions to any student athlete who is seeking a transfer, regardless of the reasons for the college transfer.

The first step is to receive our informative meeting so that the student is clear about his or her situation and possibilities and to avoid any misunderstandings or misguided aspirations.