Student athletes who compete in U.S. college athletics are not professional athletes with employment contracts that are tied to organizations or clubs, meaning that the student athlete can transfer from one college to another if he or she is not comfortable or does not like the college. Transfer also occurs in cases where the student athlete loses all or part of the scholarship that the institution was awarding him/her.

In many cases the transfer is inevitable, these are some hypothetical cases in which the student-athlete may find himself in the position of “transfer”:

  • Loss of athletic scholarship
  • Loss of academic scholarship
  • Dissatisfaction with the institution
  • Dissatisfaction with the place where the institution is located.
  • Dissatisfaction with the athletic level of the program

Transferring to another university is a very delicate situation and the process can be more complicated than the process that was carried out to obtain the scholarship at the initial university.

It is a fresh start. Starting another new process of adaptation. A new coach, a new team and a new system of play.

On the academic side, it must be clear that not all credits will be validated at the new institution. This can generate a delay in the graduation date and a mismatch in relation to the remaining years that the student athlete has to compete. In some cases, the student-athlete even transfers to a completely different university and enters a completely different career.

In addition, it must be taken into account that another university must be sought that is willing to give the student athlete the amount of scholarship that the student athlete has at the current university or the one he/she wishes to obtain.

No matter how difficult it may be, you should always do everything possible and look for some kind of solution to the situation in order to stay in the current university.

If the situation is already irreversible, the student-athlete should ask the person in charge of the athletic program to communicate his or her decision. After that, he/she should start looking for another institution that fits the needs that he/she has at that particular moment. It is important to emphasize that the certification of grades should be requested to the current institution to send them to their respective evaluation in order to make the process of validation with the next university.

Propella Transfer Service

Propella, thanks to its credibility and contacts, offers the transfer service for student athletes who need help in transferring colleges.

Several of our collaborators had the experience of transferring from one university to another while studying and practicing their sport, we understand perfectly the uncertainty that exists at the moment before the transfer takes place.

We offer advice and our scholarship search and management service at American institutions to any student athlete who is seeking a transfer, regardless of the reasons for the college transfer.

The first step is to receive our informative meeting with the objective that the student is clear about his or her situation and possibilities and also to avoid any misunderstandings or misguided aspirations.

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