STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. It is basically a type of education that seeks to mix different areas of science, trying to create a learning space that prioritizes critical thinking, problem solving, innovation, leadership and creativity.

American universities (not all) offer different career options (majors) in the areas mentioned above.

Science majors: Natural sciences studied through research and development. Clear examples are chemistry, biology and physics up to pharmacology or astrophysics.

Technology majors: Very interesting and related to innovation, involving the production of assets or the achievement of objectives by means of technologies. Most of these majors are in information technology. Jobs in this area are highly remunerated.

Engineering majors: Based on construction and design, but there is a wide variety of engineering majors and options.

Math majors: Careers related to mathematics and its derivatives.

Benefits of STEM for international students:

Graduates of STEM majors have their own advantages in the job market. In addition to being more employable than non-STEM graduates, STEM graduates enjoy numerous other benefits by pursuing an education internationally. They are likely to enjoy a higher salary, better jobs, greater immigration possibilities, and many other benefits compared to other graduates. It can be said that these benefits have a double impact on all possible aspects that influence the life of a professional.

It is worth highlighting the immigration aspect, as STEM graduates get a benefit with OPT. (link to opt blog)

The United States offers one year (12 months) of OPT, short for Optional Practical Training, to its international students. As part of this training, international students can work in the United States for one year. STEM graduates have this benefit of taking advantage of a two-year (24-month) OPT extension.

Students on F1 student visas may apply in their final year of undergrad. It must be authorized by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), this extension program increases the chances of immigration to the country.

Propella provides scholarship search and management services to student athletes, giving many students the opportunity to obtain a STEM-type college degree in the United States, generating opportunities, interpersonal connections and enriching experiences.

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